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The English word logistics appears to have been derived from both the Greek word logistikos and the French word logistique. Logistikos is rooted in the concept of logic and means skilled in calculation. Logistique is probably influenced by the French loger meaning to quarter (or lodge) soldiers. Hence, the combination of logic, calculation, and quartering soldiers appears to have yielded the word.

The JWC family have been a part of the Logistics revolution in India. The JWC group founded by Lalit C Jobanputra in the year 1980 stands steady since more than 3 decades today. Established in 1980 in Mumbai, today the group has spread their wings throughout the country with having over 26 offices and a network of 62 agents globally.

In the year 1990, Mr Lalit Jobanputra started FLY JAC LOGISTICS along with Mr A.S. Madhavan and Mr Ravikumar. FlyJac Logistics is the Flag ship company of the JWC group.

In the year 1980, JAC AIR Services a JWC group company, expanded beyond freight forwarding and entered into Airport Ground Handling Services. Today, JAC AIR serves the major cargo airport which include Mumbai, Delhi and Amritsar

In the year 2004, JWC group gave birth to its Container Freight Station (CFS). JWC Logistics Park is situated near the JNPT port and is spread over 17 acres of land, handling movement of over 5,000 tues a month

The Group has the following key businesses:

•Freight Forwarding

•Airport Ground Handling

•Container Freight Station


•Flexi Warehousing

•Custom Bonded

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