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JWC Logistics Park Pvt Ltd.

India has emerged as the second largest country in the world, in terms of road network, with a total network of 3.3 M. Km.

Road occupies an eminent position in transportation as they carry nearly 65% of freight according to the present estimates. According to the National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI) data, the length of national highways in the country has expanded from 52,010 Km in 2001 to 15,55,569 Kms at the end of March 2008.

The commitment in the road sector will ignite the transport sector, thereby witnessing enhanced investments in efficient road carriers, heavy haul multi axle trucks which are more fuel efficient. Road transportation, having an edge over the rake movements on frequency, short transit time and reaching point of actual deliveries.

JWC Logistic Park situated close to the Express way, National Highway gets a direct advantage to convert this transformation into an opportunity. Thereby, JWC is committed to exploit the true potential of road network and create a new dimension in this area.

Our Mission:

•To offer cost effective World Class Integrated Logistic Solutions

•To partner with our customers in creating competitive value chains

•To create opportunities for learning, innovation and excellence

•To be responsible corporate citizen contributing towards social and national development

Strategic Partner :

•One stop shop for all the foreign trade.

•In-house custom examination and EDI facilities for custom clearance under DEEC/DEPB schemes.

•LCL shipments and bond to bond movement of import cargo.

•Transit warehousing for import and export cargo.

•Facilities to store cargo under bond and seek partial releases, in order to phase out the payment of customs duty according to requirement.

•Presence of the Bank to facilitate the payments of custom duties, shipping and handling charges.

•Independent insurance cover for the cargo and containers for storage and transit facilities for consolidation and de-consolidation of cargo to augment to the needs of the trade.

•Single window concept, to facilitate the documentation, billing, payment and transportation of cargo.

•A well planned layout of container with two way easy approach at every stack to facilitate a smooth and an efficient custom examination of FCL container.

Our Segments:

•Container Freight station

•Container tracking

•Flexi Warehousing



Container Freight Station:

It is a State of Art, Container Freight Station, can hold 2600 Teus at any given point of time and is well equipped with all modern infrastructure technology.

We have an automated recording system, at our Gates, whereby the images of the container, the vehicle registration number and the weight of the container is automatically recorded at the entry point into our CFS, which enables the shipping line to know the condition in which the container has reached the CFS.

The containers can be located through SMS system, which help the customers to know the exact location of their containers. The shipping line can also know the exact number of container stored, delivered as well as destuffed, through the SMS system, which is continuously and automatically up dates.

We are also equipped with reach stackers, forklift as well as state of art warehouse.

We have an office area of 27,000 sq. ft., which is offered, to our clients. Our CFS is also connected to National Highway whereby it enables the movement of the container from the port smoothly.

Central office offers a wide range of facilities and convenience.

JWC spread over 20 acres, offer storage facility

1. 3600 teus at a time.

2. Adequate two way approach to the teus at every stack for easy selectivity and inspection of containers and to     avoid damage to the container during shifting

3. Independent and designated Bay for each shipping line for its containers.

4. Custom office.

5. Nationalized Bank.

6. Efficient communication & Secretarial facilities.

7. 4000 Sq. Ft of Public Area.

8. 15000 Sq. Ft of office space for CHA's and Shipping Companies.

9. Area's for Customers, to set up Quality Inspection Centres. Cafeteria & Rest Rooms.

10. Un-interrupted Power Supply.

11. Modern Fire fighting and Security Systems.

12. 100 FEUS of reefer container

13. 24X7 security monitoring, continuous availability of power generation and water supply.

14. Containers cleaning Station.

IT Competence:

In this era of Technology and IT advancement, JWC Logistics Park CFS, is moving hand in hand with quality advancement and improvement in providing a better quality service to our Customers.

Container Tracking


Our information technology systems provide integrated tracking of all phases of the transportation chain. The system seamlessly integrates information for shipments, Containers, commercial documents, customs status, landed costs for all modes of transport. The systems are fully electronic data interchange (EDI) capable, accepting and integrating shipment information transmissions from ocean carriers, brokers, intermodal carriers and truckers into a single information source.

(ICLS) Independent Container Locating System on SMS, for easy tracking of the exact location of the containers.

Security Systems:

JWC Logistics Park, is well equipped with a modern IP Camera’s all over the premises having special features like

• 24X7 monitoring

• Monitoring through Mobile and Laptop

• Remote Surveillance

• Fire detection intimation through camera

• Auto generating email

• Motion detection camera

• 6 months back up system

Warm System:

JWC Logistics Park CFS, have been the pioneers in setting up an operational system for the CFS process which is fully IT based.

It has got unique features; to facilitate the services and process for the Customs, the Customer and for the CFS

With domain expertise from the JWC logistics team, the software has been tailored for efficient yard and warehouse management. The software diminishes the time consumed, improves the quality helping the end-user and the service provider.

Our master software is customized for effective yard and warehouse management, integrating the logistic movements of cargo with full visibility across the course of action. The software has build-in features conferring the requirements of the Indian customs for all the activities.

Flexi Warehousing

•100% Utilization of the area paying for.

•Less exposure in comparison with warehouse atmosphere.

•Reduced handling in case of unit dispatch.

•Mobility of the unit in full under lock.

•Availability in very small units.

•100% pilferage free

•Storage is 100% of the area

•Weather proof, 100% fully covered

•100% security

•Single handling with Item wise storage plan


JWC logistics has a state of Art Warehousing system of over 50,000sqft of closed warehouse, with a height of more than 40ft and with an open area for storage more than 1, 50,000sqft.

The ware house is equipped with all the necessary equipments like the Hydraulic elevators, pallet pullers, forklifts, flexi racking systems to accommodate verities of cargo and pallets.

Also avails of state of the art designated bays for un-loading and loading

With 24X7 security monitoring, continuous availability of power generation and water supply.

•A state of the art warehousing system.

•More than 300 000 ft. Bonded warehousing for import cargo.

•Flexi racking system to accommodate varieties of cargos and pallets.

•Hydraulics elevators, Pallet pullers and Forklifts.

•Export Bonded and Non-bonded warehouse, approx. 1, 00,000 ft. for easy receiving and stuffing of export  containers along with a Qualify Inspection Centres.

•Repacking, Shrink wrapping, Strapping and Palletizing facility.


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